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Trump Says It Was ‘A Beautiful Scene’ When National Guard Tear-Gassed Protestors: ‘Like A Knife Cutting Butter’



Donald Trump made his way to Dallas, Texas on Thursday where he continued to attack Black Lives Matter protestors by claiming it was “beautiful” that they were tear-gassed by law enforcement.

He recalled the protest violence in Minneapolis as tensions between the community and police increased over the past few weeks.

“It was a beautiful scene,” though it’s not “supposed to” be, when National Guard troops went in and cut through protesters “like a knife cutting butter,” he said. Noting that they managed to stop the violence even if it meant, “yes there was some tear gas.”

Trump then claimed that the BLM movement has been falsely accusing “decent Americans” of being “racist or bigots.”

Take a look at his remarks in the video clip below:

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