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McEnany Loses It During Fox News Interview, Says Joe Biden Is Spreading Conspiracy Theories About Trump: Watch



White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany claimed on Thursday during a Fox News interview that former Vice President Joe Biden has been creating conspiracy theories by saying that Donald Trump is going to try to “steal” the 2020 election.

“I think that’s a ridiculous proposition,” McEnany said on America’s Newsroom.

“This president’s looking forward to November,” she continued. “This president’s hard at work for the American people, and leave it to Democrats to go out there and grandstand and level these conspiracy theories.”

McEnany’s claims come after Biden appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and was asked about his plan to ensure Americans are able to vote without facing any sort of irregularities or long lines at polling stations.

“It’s my greatest concern, my single greatest concern,” Biden said. “This president is going to try to steal this election.”

Take a look at her remarks in the video clip below:

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