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Trump Retweets Video That Paints George Floyd As A ‘Criminal’ And ‘Not A Good Person’, Instantly Sparks Outrage



Donald Trump spent his Friday claiming that it was a “great day” for George Floyd who was looking down at his jobs numbers and was smiling. Shortly after that claim, Trump retweeted a video from right-wing commentator Glenn Beck that painted Floyd as a horrible person.

The video is of an interview between Beck and right-winger Candice Owens.

In the clip, Beck asks “Is this really the guy that black America picks as their symbol?”

To no surprise, Owens went on to attack the black community and Floyd as well. She claimed that it “sickens me” he is being “held up as a martyr.”

And it was Trump who retweeted that video.

You can watch the video below:

Twitter users were outraged at the fact that Trump would promote that kind of narrative.

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