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Trump Reportedly Pondering to Surrender During Fox’s GOP Debate as ‘Counter-Programming’



Donald Trump
Former president Donald Trump reportedly plans to skip the GOP primary debate. (Photo: DB)

Amidst the looming deadline of August 25 at noon for all 19 defendants involved in the Georgia election fraud case to surrender to Fulton County, Donald Trump seems to be exploring avenues to turn the situation to his advantage.

Given his consistent refusal to engage in the Republican Primary debates, there’s speculation, as reported by Greg Bluestein of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, that the former president is considering turning himself in in to face charges at a time coinciding with the scheduled GOP debate next Wednesday – as a form of “counter-programming.”

Throughout Trump’s previous arraignments, cable news media has closely monitored his movements, from takeoff to landing and motorcade routes, supplementing coverage with expert panels and on-the-ground reporters. As court proceedings in Georgia are likely to be televised, heightened attention is anticipated, and Trump wants to suck all the airtime to satisfy his constant need for attention.

While Trump’s eventual surrender and participation in the arraignment remain uncertain, the notion of using this situation as a strategic opportunity to gain attention and possibly deflect from the GOP debate is now a topic of discussion among political observers in Georgia.

Watch the segment below form MSNBC.


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