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Trump Plots To Get His Hands On Unlimited Amount Of Cash With His Own Super PAC: Report



Former President Donald Trump is reportedly plotting the creation of a super PAC, which can raise unlimited amounts of money from virtually any source and faces no limits on spending,
Trump spokesman Jason Miller confirmed Saturday.

The news, first reported by Politico, comes as Trump seeks to assert his authority over the Republican Party and expand his post-presidential political operation.

The political organization “could be a brand new entity” or a repurposed version of “America First,” an existing super PAC launched while Trump was in office, Miller told. CNN’s Jim Acosta.

CNN noted that “Trump also made several changes Saturday to his growing fundraising apparatus. In filings with the Federal Election Commission, he converted both his presidential campaign committee, Donald J. Trump for President, and his leadership PAC, Save America, into two political action committees that can support other candidates for office. Trump’s campaign committee has become the Make America Great Again PAC — or MAGA PAC.”

The new committees are now linked together by a joint fundraising agreement that Miller said would “make fundraising more efficient.” Joint fundraising agreements generally allow politicians to secure a single, larger check from a donor and then split the money among several committees.

Trump already has amassed millions of dollars in contributions since creating Save America after November’s election and bombarding his supporters with false claims that election fraud contributed to his defeat.
Trump’s money-grab move comes on the eve of his first political speech since leaving the White House. He’s slated to address activists Sunday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, as he seeks to shape the future of the party and target Republicans he views as disloyal.

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