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Trump Is Tweeting Like a Mad Man And No One Can Take The Phone Away From Him Because He’s a Biohazard



Donald Trump spent his Thursday morning tweeting out different attacks on Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

Having no sort of filter, Trump launched a Twitter tirade beginning with a tweet announcing an appearance on Fox News to attacking Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris over her performance at Wednesday night’s debate.

While Trump still hasn’t tested negative for COVID-19, he also launched a video promising to give seniors the same treatment he go at Walter Reed for free. He didn’t offer any details as to how he will do that.

While some advisers have encouraged Trump to cool off with the tweets, the president doesn’t seem to stop. But now, while he’s still infected with COVID-19, his advisers have no way of retaining him.

Take a look at his Twitter rants below:

Clearly, Trump appears to be desperate.

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