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Trump Invites Every GOP Senator To His Economic Reopening Task Force Except Mitt Romney: Report



Donald Trump appears to still be holding a grudge against Republican Senator Mitt Romney for being the only Republican in the Senate to vote in favor of removing Trump from office.

On Thursday, Politico reported that Trump is attempting to assemble another group tasked with advising him on reopening the economy with members of Congress.

“The Trump administration is inviting a bipartisan crew of lawmakers to participate in a task force to address the central question of when the country should return to normal amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic,” writes Politico’s Marianne Levine, Sarah Ferris and Melanie Zanona.

But according to the Wall Street Journal’s Rebecca Ballhaus, Trump plans to include every single Republican in the Senate but one — Mitt Romney.

“The White House announces that all Senate Republicans except Mitt Romney—who voted to impeach Trump on one of two counts in February—have ben invited to join a bipartisan task force on reopening the economy,” she tweeted this Thursday.

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