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Trump Gets Bad News From His Former Lawyer: ‘Absolutely Possible’ He’ll Be Convicted



Attorney Joe Tacopina and former president Donald Trump
Attorney Joe Tacopina and former president Donald Trump (Photos via Imgur)

Joe Tacopina, once a key trial lawyer for former President Trump, has delivered a chilling prognosis on Trump’s legal fate, asserting that it is “absolutely possible” for the ex-president to face conviction in one of his weighty federal criminal cases.

In a gripping interview with MSNBC’s the Rev. Al Sharpton, Tacopina underscored the gravity of Trump’s federal cases, cautioning against underestimating their severity.

“Look, do I think there’s a political bent to some of this, some of the way this was gone about? Yes, I do,” Tacopina responded. “Do I think these cases are invalid cases? Look, the grand jury voted to indict, and he’s going to have to face a jury in Washington, D.C.”

Under Sharpton’s probing, Tacopina bluntly acknowledged the ominous prospect of Trump’s conviction, stating, “Oh, is it possible? Absolutely.”

Tacopina emphasized the pivotal role of the jury in determining the outcome and acknowledged the formidable nature of federal prosecutors, pointing to Trump’s four felony counts in Washington, D.C. The charges allege Trump’s involvement in a conspiracy to defraud the U.S. and his central role in a campaign to block the certification of votes for President Biden on Jan. 6, 2021.

Sharpton pressed Tacopina on the political undercurrents, and while Tacopina acknowledged a political dimension, he asserted the legitimacy of the cases, citing the grand jury’s decisive indictment.

Trump’s legal predicament extends beyond Washington, D.C., with charges in Florida, Georgia, and New York City, totaling a staggering 91 felony counts across federal and state indictments. Tacopina, who previously defended Trump in a hush money case, painted a dire picture, warning that trial locations such as New York City, Washington, and Atlanta are “not particularly big Trump venues,” adding a sobering note that one cannot confidently assert, “There’s no way he’ll get convicted.”

Despite potential political motivations, Tacopina stressed that prosecutors genuinely “believe in their cases,” intensifying the ominous backdrop. Trump, pleading not guilty across all cases, seeks refuge in presidential immunity, a gambit contested in a recent hearing before a D.C. appeals court. The specter of conviction looms large as Trump navigates these perilous legal waters.