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‘Terrible’: Joe Scarborough Perplexed By Trump’s Incoherent Rhetoric



MSNBC host Joe Scarborough addresses Donald Trump's mental decline
MSNBC host Joe Scarborough addresses Donald Trump's mental decline. (Screenshot)

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough continues to raise alarms about Donald Trump’s mental state, pointing to daily evidence of apparent instability. In a recent speech in New Hampshire, the former president’s attempt to describe a missile defense system using unconventional sound effects and his casual praise for Hungarian autocrat Viktor Orbán left the “Morning Joe” host visibly disturbed.

Scarborough remarked, “He can’t even say the simplest of sentences anymore. That’s so terrible, everything about it is so terrible. He praises, of course, Viktor Orbán. It’s not that the press goes crazy, it’s that the world sees Viktor Orbán is, like, isolated because he is so extreme. He hates American democracy, western democracy – he said it. Viktor Orbán has said he hates American democracy, he hates western democracy. He brags about being illiberal, he shuts down the press, he shuts down political opponents. Donald Trump praises that.”

“Then,” Scarborough continued, “TTrump goes, bing-bang-bong, something like that, because he is not well. Then he lies, he lies about the men and women of the armed forces and says, ‘We can’t do this, can’t do that, and we’re weak.’ Our economy, without a doubt, strongest in the world – not a close second. People have been whining about China for years. We’ve been saying here on ‘Morning Joe’ since 2008, if you like China so much, move there. The United States is going to still have the most powerful economy. We do, sitting at $25 trillion, China is at $18 trillion.”

The commentary underscores Scarborough’s ongoing concern over Trump’s ability to communicate coherently and the implications of his statements on matters of international relations and domestic affairs.