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Trump Finds New Way To Make Money From His Fans: As a Paid ‘Motivational Speaker’



Donald Trump

Former fake university founder and reality-TV star turned former U.S. President Donald Trump has reportedly found another way to make money from his adoring fans: With a new gig as a paid “motivation speaker,” Axios reports.

According to the report, Trump is now the headline “motivational speaker” on the privately run group “American Freedom Tour (AFT).”

The group’s founder, Chris Widener, would not confirm how much Trump will be paid for his talk. But Axios reported that Tickets to attend the political rally-type events range anywhere from $9 to nearly $5,000 depending on how much face time with Trump you desire. Trump’s next tour date is in Austin, Texas on Saturday.

According to Axios, the least expensive ticket gets viewers admitted to a conference room where they can watch the event on a television. The most expensive ticket gets the buyer a photo with the former president and a seat at a roundtable with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. former Trump adviser Dinesh D’Souza and Donald Trump, Jr.

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