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People’s Convoy Heading Back To DC, Unclear What They Will Be Protesting This Time



People's convoy

After being defeated by Washington D.C. residents, the so-called People’s Convoy is en route back to the nation’s capital. But this time around, they hope to occupy the city instead of going in circles on the Beltway, The Daily Beast reports.

“We are not doing circles around D.C. again,” the trucker who goes by the alias “Mug Pig” said during a Thursday YouTube stream, according to The Beast. “Hopefully, when we go to D.C., we are in D.C.,” he said.

Mr. Pig said the group intends to have a base camp an hour and a half away from D.C. proper for “the woman” and “the children” and truckers have asked for volunteers to “run things in and out for us.”

It is unclear how many people or trucks will be participating in the convoy, or what they’ll be protesting.

Addressing the convoy coming back, D.C. Police Public Affairs Specialist Brianna Burch told The Daily Beast: “As part of our layered mitigation strategy and enhanced preparedness posture, MPD has all the necessary resources and support needed to monitor and respond to any instances of illegal activity or harmful disruption.”

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The group, which has become increasingly violent, is currently in the Grovertown, Indiana area and is slated to arrive in D.C. early next week, according to The Daily Beast.

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