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Trump Delivers Dictator-Like Speech In New Hampshire: ‘You Have To Vote For Me, You Have No Choice’



Donald Trump delivered another hate-filled speech on Friday in front of his fans. This time he came out telling them and the people watching at home that they “have no choice” on who to vote for.

Trump said the following: “You have no choice. You have to vote for me. If you don’t, you’ll be putting in radical lefties, you’ll have a depression, your stocks will be worthless, 401(k)s will be gone, there will be crime all over your streets … you have no choice, right, right?”

Trump may not understand it, but Americans do have a choice. They can vote for whoever they want to, it’s in the Constitution. If Trump had an ounce of patriotism as he says he does he would understand that. But it appears that he’s more caught up at becoming a dictator than actually working for the American people.

Come November, voters can cast their vote for whichever candidates they see fit to run this country.

Take a look at Trump’s remarks below:

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