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Trump Compared To Slave Owner By His Own Lawyers As They Invoke Civil War Over Election Loss



On Thursday, CNN host John Berman delivered a blistering takedown of President Donald Trump’s latest efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election, noting in disbelieve that Trump’s own legal team was seemingly equating President-elect Joe Biden with Abraham Lincoln and Trump with slaveowners.

Berman slammed the president for backing the last-ditch lawsuit by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, which seeks to throw out the election results in four key swing states.

“The president’s filing with the Supreme Court states, quote, ‘Our country is deeply divided in ways that it arguably has not been since the election of 1860,’” Berman began. “So leave aside the circular logic of decrying division when he is the one stoking it. But that reference to the election of 1860: You know why the country was divided by that election? Because Abraham Lincoln won fairly and slave states were pissed about that and they seceded and there was a civil war.”

Berman then marveled at the fact that Trump’s own legal team compared the president with slaveowners. He then expressed indignation that Trump was still trying to overturn the election even as America’s public health crisis has continued to deteriorate.

“That’s who Donald Trump is relating to this morning, as 3,000 new coronavirus deaths were reported overnight,” he said. “He might stand at 6-foot-three-inches, but this is the act of a small president.”