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Ex-GOP Lawmaker Says She Has Been ‘Abused By Satan’ Since Biden Was Declared Winner



Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann(R), who has been very vocal about pushing Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories about the election, told a group of evangelical leaders this week that she has been a victim of physical abuse since election night.

“That night, we watched — we knew immediately this was fraud,” she said. “And from that night on, I felt — I’ve never been victim of abuse … domestic abuse, I’ve never been a victim of it, but I felt that night like somebody took a swing at me, and that they were continuing to take a swing at me.”

“And every day when I woke up, I had this feeling like I was wounded,” she continued. “I don’t know how anybody else feels, but I have felt wounded since election night, and not to the point of being discouraged, but to the point of being abused, and I sense that, that was Satan, who came to kill, steal, and destroy, but that he was physically throwing punches and wounding and abusing.”

Take a look at her remarks below:

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