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Trump Campaign Illegally Hid Spending Using A Kushner-Led Secretive Shell Company: Report



Business Insider revealed on Thursday that the watchdog group Campaign Legal Center is accusing Donald Trump and his campaign associates of using a shell company to illegally conceal how they were spending campaign donation money.

The new allegations against the Trump family are detailed in a supplement to an existing federal complaint.

“The supplement, filed Thursday morning with the Federal Election Commission, is in part based on Insider’s reporting in December about American Made Media Consultants, a secretive shell company that operated inside Trump’s 2020 campaign committee,” said the report. “American Made Media Consultants, the shell company, along with a political firm owned by former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, ‘served as conduits that hid the ultimate recipients of nearly half of the campaign’s overall spending,’ the updated complaint states. ‘These schemes disguised which firms or individuals were working for Trump’s committees, how much and when they were being paid, and the purposes of those payments,’ it continued.”

You can read the full report HERE with a subscription to Business Insider.

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