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Trump Calls Biden a ‘Dumb Son of a B–h’ at Pennsylvania Rally



Donald Trump
Donald Trump addresses a crowd of supporters at a Pennsylvania rally on Saturday. (Screengrab)

During a Pennsylvania rally on Saturday, Donald Trump launched a vulgar attack on President Joe Biden, referring to him as a “dumb son of a bi–h” in his speech, prompting cheers from the crowd.

Trump has previously used similar profane language when talking about fellow Republican Mitch McConnell for not going along with his Big Lie about the 2020 election.

During his speech, Trump speculated on Biden’s potential as the Democratic nominee for the next election. He asked the crowd whether they believed President Biden would seek re-election or if another unidentified individual would end up being the Democratic candidate.

He also sought the crowd’s opinion on whether he should participate in the upcoming GOP debates. The audience seemed eager for his presence, but he remarked that their desire might be driven primarily by the entertainment factor, seemingly suggesting that he’s a “show man.”

Nevertheless, he acknowledged the need to consider the “political” implications of his decision to participate in the GOP primary debate.

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