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Trump Attacks Biden In Disjointed Response to Questions About His Faith



Donald Trump faith
Former president Donald Trump responds to a supporter's question during a prerecorded Fox News town hall hosted by pundit Sean Hannity in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (Screenshot)

During a prerecorded Fox News town hall hosted by pundit Sean Hannity in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, former President Donald Trump was asked by a fan named Barbara Harris about how his faith had grown since he decided to run for president in 2015 and who had mentored him on his faith journey. In response, Trump delved into an incoherent babble, avoiding a direct reply to the question and instead bragged about his background as a developer and how “wonderful” his life was before he entered politics.

“It’s such a great question,” Trump said. “You know, I’ve seen so much heartache and turmoil. I was a developer and I did other things and you know, I had a wonderful — I had a wonderful life before all this stuff. I didn’t know what a grand jury was. I didn’t know what a subpoena — what is a subpoena? I had a wonderful life.”

Trump then shifted the focus, expressing his satisfaction with his decision to run for president and his belief in having made America great. He highlighted his interactions with Evangelicals and religious people, including Franklin Graham and Paula White, and how these encounters had a positive impact on him.

“I’m so glad — they asked me the other day a little different question, ‘Are you glad you did it?’ It was so, ‘You had a great life. Are you glad you did it?’ I couldn’t be more glad. I am so happy I did it because I’ve made America great We can do it again. Right now, we don’t — we’re not a great country. But I’ve gotten to know, cause of this, Evangelicals, I, I mean, I know so many people and they feel so good about themselves and their family and they base it on religion. I had never had that kind of an experience where I got to know so many, and Franklin Graham and Paula White. I mean, I know so many people that are so incredible. Religious people. And not just Christians, not just evangelicals.”

Trump followed with made a false claim, suggesting that Catholics who support him are facing institutional persecution from the FBI and President Joe Biden, who is also a lifelong Catholic. He told the audience that Catholics they have been unjustly labeled as enemies by the FBI. He also questioned how any Catholic could vote for a Democrat or someone like Biden after the perceived mistreatment they are enduring.

“You know, when I look at the Catholic faith, you take a look at what the FBI — no, but look at what the FBI is doing to Catholics. They’ve made them like the enemy. They’ve made them — it’s, it’s horrible. How could a Catholic ever vote for a Democrat or a guy like Biden again after the experience that they’re going through? But I’ve met some of the finest people that I wouldn’t have had the privilege of meeting if I weren’t president. And they’re religious leaders and they really are incredible people.”

Watch the clip below:


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