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Trump-Appointed Election Official Blasts Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims: ‘Insulting And Laughable’



A senior federal election security official who was appointed by Donald Trump himself is now blasting the president over his voter fraud “conspiracy theories,” according to CNN.

“These conspiracy theories that are flying around have consequences,” said Ben Hovland, who runs the Election Assistance Commission. The Election Assistance Commission tests and certifies voting machines.

“At a minimum, it’s insulting to the professionals that run our elections and hopefully that’s the worst that comes of it,” Hovland told MIT Technology Review. “Our people, they’re doing their jobs but they don’t feel safe doing it. That is a tragedy. That is awful. These are public servants. This isn’t a job you do for glory or to get rich.”

“I just wish that if claims like that were going to be made, they would actually be backed up with something credible. I think those types of statements matter. They cause Americans to lose confidence in the process,” Hovland said. “We see bold statements on Twitter or at the podium and we see hearsay and we see laughable evidence presented to courts. There’s just not a correlation between those.”

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