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Right-Wing Pastor Says Trump Voter Fraud Claims Are True Because Obama Had A ‘Guilty Face’ In 2008



Rick Wiles, a right-wing conspiracy theorist and pastor, told his TruNews audience this week that he believed Donald Trump when he said that the election had been stolen from him.

According to Wiles, he claims Trump has been telling the truth about voter fraud because former President Barack Obama had a “guilty face” after he won the election in 2008.

“2008 … the guy from Kenya ran for president of the United States under the name ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ … when he won 2008, I don’t remember where they were at, it was an outdoor event, a very large Obama campaign event on election night — I remember the camera catching his face when it had been announced that he’d won, he had a guilty look on his face … and now, looking back, now I know that look on his face was, ‘We just pulled off a crime.’”

Take a look at his remarks below:

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