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Trump Appears To Dump McCarthy As He Fails To Become House Speaker Three Times: ‘We’ll See What Happens’



NBC News reporter Garrett Haake revealed on Tuesday that former President Donald Trump is no longer publicly supporting Kevin McCarthy to become House Speaker after he became the first party leader to lose his initial election for Speaker since 1923.

The House of Representatives on Tuesday voted three times. On the first two ballots, McCarthy lost 19 Republicans, with all five of the so-called “Never Kevin” caucus voted against him, along with 14 other Republicans who had been undecided.

“Former President Trump declined to say if he’s sticking by his endorsement of Kevin McCarthy for speaker tonight, telling me in a brief phone interview he’s had calls all day asking for support, and ‘We’ll see what happens. We’ll see how it all works out,'” reported Haake. “When I asked directly if he was sticking by McCarthy, who did not clinch the gavel today after three floor votes, Mr. Trump told me ‘we’ll see what happens,’ and ended our conversation.”

As of press time, the House has adjourned, with plans to regroup to try to elect a Speaker again tomorrow, and it is unclear what Republicans’ next move will be.


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