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The Nerve: Internet Responds After ‘Lucifer In The Flesh’ Ted Cruz Rips Democrats For Fleeing Texas



Ted Cruz

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) is being dragged across the internet after he went on Fox News on Tuesday morning to criticize Democratic state lawmakers who fled the state, breaking quorum to prevent the legislature from passing a voter suppression bill.

“What you’re seeing the Democrats do here is a political stunt, and I will say it’s ironic, as they were getting on their private jet to fly to Washington, D.C., they almost surely had to show identification to get on that jet,” Cruz said. “And yet they’re doing this in a fit because they don’t want mail-in ballots to be verified, they don’t want the signatures to be verified, they don’t want basic integrity steps to be strengthened in the state of Texas. This is at the end of the day politics, and they need to get back to doing their jobs.”

Vox journalist Aaron Rupar, who posted the clip, noted that Cruz’s comparison is a “false equivalency,” given that “people have a right to vote but not a right to board jets.”

Others on Twitter also had plenty of responses for Cruz, who infamously fled Texas himself during winter storm Ura as the state’s power grid failed, leaving hundreds Texans to freeze to death.