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The Internet Has No Patience For Jim Jordan’s BS



Jim Jordan

Twitter users are slamming the GOP’s House Judiciary Committee Twitter account, which lists Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) as its ranking member, for downplaying the national security threat posed by Donald Trump’s hoarding of top secret documents at his Mar-a-Lago home.

Jordan’s account weighed in on a picture grabbed from a Justice Department filing that included a photo of classified documents related to the FBI search of the former president’s home earlier this month.

In the 36-page filing, the Justice Department says Trump intentionally “concealed” top secret documents in a potential effort to obstruct their federal probe and described how Trump and his representatives did not cough up classified materials to officials at the property.

The photo that accompanied the filing includes a number of documents recovered in the search, including those labeled “top secret,” spread around the floor beside a box featuring frames. One of the frames includes a TIME Magazine cover.

Jordan’s account, with an eye-roll emoji in tow, wrote that the TIME Magazine cover was the “huge threat” in question, not the materials by its side.

Naturally, Twitter users had to respond. Check some of the reactions below: