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Ted Cruz Slammed For Inciting Political Violence During CPAC Speech



Ted Cruz violence

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) sparked harsh criticism after delivering a speech in which he urged the use of political violence as a way to cling to power. urging violence during a speech at the Texas CPAC conference over the weekend.

During his speech, the Texas Republican told the crowd, “It’s like the old Roman Colosseum where you slam on a breastplate and you grab a battle axe and you go fight the barbarians. As they say in the military world it is a target-rich environment,” reported The Rolling Stone.

Cruz’s remarks prompted a forceful response from former Republican National Committee head Michael Steele.

“It is more fascism than farce,” Steele said during an appearance on on MSNBC’s “The Katie Phang Show. “It is more concern than conservatism and it really is about how we as a citizen respond to this. How we push back against it. We are not opponents of the each other, we disagree from time to time on big and small issues. but our first inclination as Americans is not to go and beat the crap out of the neighbor just because they have a yard sign that we don’t like.”

“This is not the America that these folks are projecting, that they want,” the former RNC chair continued. “I mean, this is all when you have heard is sheer protection from Trump, from Steve Bannon, from Ted Cruz — just sit the hell down, please. Stop it.”

He added: “You’re not serving the people of Texas, you haven’t done that since you have been there, the reality of it is. But you find the grift, you find the hot rhetoric, you make yourself seem like you are the big man on campus and you get things done. But that is not what this is about, this is not about getting things done.”

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