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Ted Cruz Says He Will Attend Biden’s Inauguration — He Should Be Banned



After leading a dozen of his GOP colleagues to object to the Electoral College votes and fueling a deadly riot at the U.S. Capito, Sen. Ted Cruz, of Texas, said he will attend President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration next Wednesday. Fellow Texas Senator John Cornyn said on Twitter “see you there,” indicating that he will also attend.

Cruz has faced widespread condemnation over the past week for leading a group of senators to challenge the Electoral College votes of battleground states Trump lost.

Even after Cruz the Trump mob a mob attacked the Capitol, objected with several House members to the count in Arizona. Critics have said senators objecting to the Electoral College votes, in a largely futile gesture that had no chance of succeeding, contributed to the Jan. 6 disaster in which a mob fueled by conspiracy theories over the election stormed the Capitol.

While some senators backed off the effort after the riot at the Capitol, Cruz still voted to uphold objections to both Arizona and Pennsylvania’s electoral votes along with Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.)

Sen. Cornyn acknowledged Biden’s victory since December and did not join efforts to challenge the Electoral College vote.