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‘Sh*t Is Now Hitting The Fan’: MAGA Rioter’s Incriminating Texts Come Back To Haunt Him During Trial



Guy Reffitt

Accused Capitol rioter Guy Reffitt, who threatened to shoot his children if they said a word about his role in the Jan 6 insurrection, got more bad news in court on Friday after federal prosecutors revealed incriminating text messages he sent prior to the attack.

“This is not a drill,” Reffitt wrote to other Three Percenters on January 10th, 2021. “Be prepared. The sh*t is now hitting the fan. Start purge of all previous conversations,” he told them, Politico’s Kyle Cheney reported in a tweet highlighted by Raw Story.

Prosecutors argue that the last line in the text is evidence that Reffitt tried to obstruct justice, as it amounts to soliciting for the destruction of evidence.

Earlier this week, Reffitt broke down in tears when he watched his 19-year-old son, Jackson Reffitt, testify against him at the start of the trial.

The younger Reffitt, who reported his own father to the FBI, said his father sent messages to the family promoting a new civil war, while also talking about “rising up” and “destroying” the United States government.