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Senate Republicans In Fear As New GOP Memo Warns ‘The Senate Majority Is At Risk’



Senate Republicans sent out a memo on Tuesday warning that the majority in upper chamber is at risk of being handed of to the Democrats, according to The Guardian.

“The next few weeks will define the future of our country for generations to come,” the memo from the National Republican Senatorial Committee reads.

“Make no mistake: the Senate Majority is at risk. Beyond the four battleground states of Colorado, North Carolina, Arizona and Maine, Democrats are going on offense in historically red states like Montana, Iowa and Georgia,” the memo continues. “They’re even eyeing states like South Carolina, where [Democrat] Jaime Harrison just reported raising a staggering $10.6m in August alone.”

The memo specifically lists four states that tend to be red but are now up for grabs: Iowa, Montana, Georgia and Kansas.

You can read the full report HERE.

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