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Secret Service Admits They Did Use Pepper Spray Of Protestors For Trump’s Photo-Op: Statement



Just one week ago, the United States Secret Service claimed that they did not use tear gas to push out protestors on June 1 so Donald Trump could take his photo in front of Saint John’s Church. But now, a new statement released by the U.S.S.S. reveals that they did in fact use pepper spray on protestors.

“On June 5, the U.S. Secret Service released information stating the agency had concluded that no agency personnel used tear gas or capsicum spray during efforts to secure the area near Lafayette Park on Monday, June 1, based on the records and information available at the time. Since that time, the agency has learned that one agency employee used capsicum spray (i.e., pepper spray) during that effort,” the law enforcement agency wrote.

“After further review, the U.S. Secret Service has determined that an agency employee used pepper spray on June 1st, during efforts to secure the area near Lafayette Park. The employee utilized oleoresin capsicum spray, or pepper spray, in response to an assaultive individual,” the agency claimed.

Read the statement below:

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