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Right-Wing Pastor Urges Americans To Stop Biden From Being Sworn In If He Wins Election



Right-wing conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles said on a recent TruNews broadcast that Americans need to step in and do something to stop Joe Biden from being sworn in if he wins the election in November.

“If Joe Biden wins on November 3rd, he cannot be permitted to be sworn in as President of the United States,” Wiles said.

“What I have read today — the videos that I’ve seen — Joe Biden should be handcuffed today,” he continued. “He shouldn’t even be on the ballot. If Attorney General Barr would get some backbone, he should go arrest Joe Biden and Hunter Biden today, based on the evidence they have right now.”

Wiles then reiterated that “the American people cannot allow that man to be sworn in.”

“The electoral college must be told, ‘No way — you cannot ratify his election.’”

Take a look at his threats in the video clip below:

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