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Pastor Begs God To Get Trump Reelected, Says Democrats Are ‘Heathens’ And ‘Enemies Of God’



Trump-loving evangelist Lance Wallnau said during a prayer last Sunday that God should put Donald Trump back in the White House and should not allowed him to be “embarrassed” by the “heathens” who are against him.

“Father, in the name of Jesus, we believe that you’re going to have mercy on America,” Wallnau said. “I believe Donald Trump has unfinished business in the nations. And I believe you will not let someone who has stood with Israel and stood with Christians, you will not let them be ingloriously beaten and embarrassed by your enemies.”

“Because your name is part of this, Lord,” he continued. “What would the heathens say? What would the radicals say? What would the communists say when someone who stands with you so conspicuously does not have a friend in high places watching over them? But I believe you are going to watch over this president.”

Take a look at his remarks below:

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