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Trump Attempted To Get Women Vote With Sexist Remarks, It Didn’t Go Well



Donald Trump again urged suburban women to vote for him in November because he “likes women.” During a rally on Monday in Arizona, Trump again called on “suburban housewives” to give him their vote.

“Listen, here’s the story. They said ‘suburban women’ — I used to call them ‘suburban housewives,’ I got killed all the time. I said, ‘ugh, I better go politically correct.’ Is there one woman here who minds being called, if you’re married at least, a ‘suburban housewife’ ’cause…”

The crowd erupted with “No!”

“The only ones who mind are those characters… there’s a lot of people up there – the press, right? Those are the only ones. The rest of them don’t.”

Take a look at his rants below:

Here’s how some voters reacted:

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