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REVEALED: Appearance Of ‘Grim Reaper’ At King Charles’ Coronation Explained



Royal Grim Reaper

The internet went on overdrive over the weekend after a haunting figure made a fleeting appearance in the background during King Charles III’s coronation at Westminster Abbey on Saturday.

Many speculated it was the “Grim Reaper” who was getting ready to claim a big prize.

However, a representative for the abbey told Newsweek that the sinister-looking figure was just a verger, a lay minister who assists with religious services.

Video of the cloaked and hooded person walking past an archway, carrying what could have passed as a scythe, went viral on social media during the ceremony and prompted jokes about the Grim Reaper, the embodiment of death, being in attendance.

The moment was one of many that captured viewers’ attention during and after the ceremony.

Watch the clip below.

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