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Lost In The Matrix: Kansas Woman’s Political Dreams Crushed by Fake Keanu Reeves



Joan Farr got duped by a fake Keanu Reeves
Joan Farr's presidential campaign was derailed by a scammer posing as Keanu Reeves (Photos via Imgur)

Joan Farr’s aspirations for the presidency took an unexpected turn when the Keanu Reeves who had promised support for her campaign turned out to be an imposter. Despite months of online interaction, Bitcoin transactions totaling $9,000, and familial confrontations, Farr realized her dream had been shattered by a pretender posing as the Hollywood actor.

This wasn’t unfamiliar territory for Farr, a political contender who garnered votes in previous GOP primaries. In an interview with Kansas Reflector, she recounted her experience with the fake Reeves and reflected on her tumultuous presidential campaign.

Farr, a fervent Trump supporter and QAnon believer, expressed a sense of resignation, stating, “I am finally done with my ongoing battle of trying to get into government, thanks to Keanu. I feel like our country is so messed up, I’m just going to go live a peaceful life and wait for Jesus.”

She drew parallels between her struggles and Keanu Reeves’ character in a movie, emphasizing her lack of influence compared to a rich and famous person. Farr had envisioned joining the political arena as a third-party alternative, aligning herself with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The narrative took an unusual turn when Farr sought a hot date for her high school reunion, targeting Keanu Reeves for his perceived qualities. Despite signs pointing to a potential scam, Farr remained hopeful, preparing for Reeves’ visit and even undergoing surgery to look her best.

Having lost hope of finding love following her boyfriend’s departure for a younger woman, whom she suspects to be a CIA operative, the 68-year-old widowed claimed she was not seeking a romantic relationship, but wanted a companion for her 50th high school class reunion.

Reflecting on the qualities she admired in a man, she envisioned someone kind, gentle, faithful, and a member of the 4-H club — someone who is handsome, humble, honest, and honorable. Apart from her father, the only individual embodying these qualities in her mind was Keanu Reeves, the renowned actor.

Attempting to reach out to Reeves through his website in January proved futile for Farr. However, undeterred, she took to Google in February and was overjoyed when she finally contacted him and he agreed to be her date. Their relationship flourished as they exchanged emails every few days, with Farr interpreting the occurrences as divine signs that he was meant to be her “heart-and-soul mate.”

“God seemed to be giving me a lot of signs that he was truly ‘the one,’ and I thought he must be my heart-and-soul mate,” Farr said.

Joan Farr at Sunflower Cafe in Lawrence.

Joan Farr answers questions during an interview Sept, 30, 2023, at Sunflower Cafe in Lawrence. (Photo via Kansas Reflector)

The imposter, posing as Reeves, requested Bitcoin donations for a children’s charity, straining Farr’s finances. A promised donation of $500,000 for her presidential campaign became contingent on a $6,700 transfer for a security detail. Farr, borrowing from her son and maxing out her credit card, was left disillusioned when Reeves failed to appear at her reunion.

When her family learned that Farr believed the actor would meet up with her, their reaction left her astonished.

“You would think I had turned senile and needed to be committed, the way they were acting,” Farr said, according to the Spector.

With only 80 cents in her checking account and her credit card maxed out, she found herself in a financial quandary, unsure of how to cover her December taxes.

Upon discovering that Reeves was slated for a performance in Lawrence on September 29, Farr promptly reserved a room at the DoubleTree, citing it as “the lodging choice for VIPs.” However, it appeared that Reeves had checked out before she could check in.

After the performance, she joined other fans in waiting by his bus door for two hours. When Reeves eventually emerged from Liberty Hall, she attempted to present him with a card containing a poem, but he declined to accept it.

The encounter left her disappointed. The realization that she had been deceived dawned on her, leading her to abandon her political ambitions. Despite the setbacks, Farr remains hopeful that powerful figures, possibly even Reeves, will expose the alleged wrongdoings of the CIA.

Farr’s belief in a CIA conspiracy further complicated her experience. Alleging constant surveillance and interference in her personal life, she filed lawsuits against government officials, including the CIA, FBI, and IRS. Despite her allegations, a federal judge dismissed her case, characterizing it as an unsubstantiated “vast conspiracy.”

The revelation that the Keanu Reeves she believed in was a fake marked the end of Farr’s political aspirations. She now leans on the hope that those more powerful than her will expose and dismantle the alleged conspiracy. In a message to the imposter, she cryptically said, “Keanu, your coffee beans are waiting. I hope you come visit me soon.”