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Rep. Eric Swalwell Identifies Tucker Carlson Fan Who Threatened His Life



Eric Swalwell and Tucker Carlson

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, of California, has exposed a Tucker Carlson fan on Twitter after the man threatened the California California congressman, saying Swalwell “should be shot.”

“Traitor hopefully (you) get hung one day,” the man wrote in a direct Instagram message to Swalwell. “Traitor (you) should be shot.”

The congressman said he reported the harassment to the social media platform but got little help. So Swalwell took it upon himself to figure out what the harasser was up to. He struck up a friendly conversation and eventually learned the man’s name, location and occupation: Jeremy Marshall from Vancouver, Canada.

“A man DM’d I should be shot. For my family’s safety, I asked Twitter for help ID’ing him. When Twitter fell short (thanks for trying!) I asked the guy his name (stringing him a bit) & why he threatened me. Meet Jeremy Marshall who told me he was radicalized by Tucker Carlson,” Swalwell wrote, per the report.

In his tweet, Swalwell shared screenshots of his direct message exchange with Marshall, who wrote, “Traitor hopefully u get hung one day. Traitor u should be shot.”

Read the full thread below.

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