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Raid On Tape: Watch The Moment Police Takes Trump DOJ Ally Out Of His House In Underwear



Jeffrey Clark

On Thursday, CNN’s Erin Burnett aired bodycam footage from the Fairfax County Police Department of its early-morning search warrant execution at the house of former Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark, who is under investigation for pushing the Big Lie at the Justice Department in an effort to invalidate Joe Biden’s electoral win.

The video shows Clark opening the door in his underwear and a dress shirt. A female officer then informs him they have a warrant to search his home from the Office of the Inspector General.

“Can you step outside with me, we have a search warrant and we need to speak to you,” she said. “So can I get you to step outside for me?”

“Let’s go, let’s step outside,” she repeated.

“Can I put my pants on first?” he asked.

“We need to clear the house,” another officer told him.

Watch the video below: