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Pro-Trump Radio Host Encourages Listeners To ‘Vape Bleach’ Into Their Lungs



While the majority of people understand that putting bleach anywhere in your body is harmful, others seem to think it’s a great idea just because Donald Trump suggested it.

During a radio talk show on Boston’s WRKO-AM on Friday morning, one caller suggested vaping bleach as an idea to cure COVID-19 – and the conservative host agreed.

Pro-Trump host Jeff Kuhner took calls from people on his show on Friday after listening to Trump’s idea of injecting disinfectant to combat the coronavirus.

“I’ve been thinking about this thing,” the caller, who identified himself as Zack, began. “I was a smoker for years, I smoked about three packs a day, and I never liked this new vape thing coming out with the nicotine in it, but I also have a bunch of friends with big cleaning companies.”

“Maybe they could make some sort of vape that could help people, you know, that would atomize chemicals into your lungs and you could blow it out your nose,” he added. “Thinking outside the box is what we need to do now, and no one seems to want to do it. I don’t know if I’m crazy.”

Instead of calling the idea crazy, the host assured the caller that his idea was a good one.

“No, you’re not,” Kuhner said. “Zack, you’re not crazy, and bingo — you said the word, you said the phrase. Thank you for that call. Thinking outside the box.”

“That’s literally what the president was doing yesterday,” Kuhner added. “That’s what a good chief executive does.”

Listen to the conversation below:

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