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Deutsche Bank Defies Congressional Request For Trump’s Records, Will Keep His Business Dealings A Secret



It was reported on Saturday that Deutsche Bank, one of the largest creditors to Donald Trump’s businesses, has refused to comply with a Congressional request to prove information on Trump’s financial dealings.

“Four Democratic senators, led by Elizabeth Warren, earlier this month demanded details from Deutsche’s chief executive, Christian Sewing, about the bank’s interaction this year with Trump and his family’s companies,” reported Reuters. “The bank is one of the largest creditors for Trump’s hotels, golf courses and other properties, according to filings. The senators are concerned that the bank may be giving the family preferential treatment on loan repayments in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak as Deutsche itself remains under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.”

“We hope that you will understand Deutsche Bank’s need to respect the legal, as well as contractual, boundaries that exist with respect to such confidential information,” said the law firm representing the bank in a letter to senators.

You can read more on the topic HERE.

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