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Pranksters vs. Trump Supporters: A ‘Stupid’ Showdown of Absurdity



Donald Trump supporters
Donald Trump supporters. (Source: Screengrab)

In a side-splitting series of interviews, the notorious prankster duo, The Good Liars, took it upon themselves to expose the baffling world of Trump supporters. Armed with their wit and disguises, they ventured into the heart of Miami to uncover the truth behind the mind-blowing arguments commonly used by die-hard Trump enthusiasts. But what they discovered was nothing short of a laugh riot.

As the pranksters engaged in conversations with Trump supporters, they quickly realized that reading the indictment was not exactly a top priority. Apparently, the latest news source for these folks was none other than Donald Trump’s very own social media feed on his Truth Social platform.

The Good Liars were in disbelief as they witnessed Trump loyalists, blissfully unaware of the charges, spouting off “what about” claims involving Hillary Clinton, President Joe Biden, and even John F. Kennedy (yes, apparently he’s still alive in some parallel universe).

“It’s like a never-ending comedy show,” said Jason Selvig, one of The Good Liars, pointing out that these folks are so deep into the Trump bubble that changing their minds is virtually impossible because their news source is Trump himself.

As the hilarious encounters between The Good Liars and Trump supporters unfolded, they reminded us all that sometimes, the best way to deal with absurdity is to embrace it, laugh at it, and let it fuel the comedy in our lives.

So, buckle up and prepare for a rollercoaster ride of conspiracy theories, “too stupid” arguments, and mind-boggling revelations straight from the world of Trump supporters.

In the realm of political absurdity, truth truly is stranger than fiction. Watch the videos below:


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