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Phone Calls Made From White House To Insurrectionists Ahead Of Jan 6 Attack Traced To Donald Trump



Donald trump

A new bombshell report by The Guardian is shedding new light on Donald Trump’s role in the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Citing sources with knowledge of Trump’s actions that day, The Guardian reported that “just hours before the deadly attack on the US Capitol this year, Trump made several calls from the White House to top lieutenants at the Willard Hotel in Washington to discuss ways to stop or delay the certification of Joe Biden’s election win from taking place on 6 January.”

Trump reportedly made the calls in the early hours of 6 January “after becoming furious at Pence for refusing to do him a final favor,” the news outlet reported.

During the call, he “pressed his aides about how to stop Biden’s certification from taking place, and delay the certification process to get alternate slates of electors for Trump sent to Congress,” the sources told The Guardian.

“The conversations also show Trump’s thoughts appear to be in line with the motivations of the pro-Trump mob that carried out the Capitol attack,” noted reporter Nicola Slawson.

Read the full report at The Guardian.