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‘Oh, It’s A Family’: Rudy Confused About The Oscars, Declares Himself a ‘Religious Scholar’



Rudy Giuliani

Former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani appeared to be confused about what The Oscars are before claiming that he is now “a religious scholar” with insight information about the life of Jesus Christ during his America’s Mayor Live podcast.

Asked to comment about the Oscars, the former New York mayor said: “Oscar?”

“The Oscars,” a producer said.

“Oh, it’s the, oh, it’s a family,” Giuliani replied. “What are Oscars? Some big thing happened last night that I am called, Oscar?”

His producer then tried to educate him about the show.

“It’s called The Oscars, it’s an award show — a big, big to do in Hollywood,” the producer said.

Giuliani was so rattled he changed topics.

“Last night, last night I watched Chosen, which I recommend to everyone to watch before Easter. It’s about the life of Jesus Christ,” he said.

“It’s fictionalism from my point of view, as a moderate biblical scholar,” Giuliani said. “Moderate. I say moderate, but more a religious scholar, which I am — I would say it’s fair interpretation,” he claimed.

“But in any event, I was watching that and they said there was this thing on Oscar, but nobody I knew was watching it.”



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