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‘No Too Crazy’ MAGA Rioter Denied ‘Emergency’ Requests For 5-Day Retreat In Cabo San Lukas, Mexico



Capitol rioter Jason Douglas Owens

Capitol rioter Jason Douglas Owens, of Texas, who is awaiting trial after being charged with assaulting a police officer on January 6, 2021, filed an emergency motion requesting permission to go on his company’s getaway trip to Mexico next month. Naturally, the judge was not amused.

As reported by CNN, “Owens asked for permission to attend the “2021 President’s Club” event in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico” for five days, as a reward from his employer, opioid maker Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals.

In his application, Owens included such details as his favorite color, which is blue, and shoe size (men’s 10.5), according to court records submitted by Owens. For meals, he indicated he is “Vegan, but not too crazy.”

Owens made an emergency motion for permission to travel on Monday, His flight from his native Texas to Mexico had already been booked, according to CNN.

Judge Beryl Howell, the chief judge of the Washington, DC, federal court, swiftly rejected the motion, calling the trip a “boondoggle.”

“While the Court does not begrudge defendant’s apparent business success while on pretrial release, his international travel to harvest the bounties of such success will need to wait until he is no longer facing felony charges arising from ill-advised domestic travel in January 2021,” Howell wrote.

Owens is charged with assaulting a DC Metropolitan Police officer during the assault at the Capitol. His son, Grady Douglas Owens, is also charged with assaulting an officer with a skateboard. Both have pleaded not guilty.