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‘No Later Than Feb. 26’: Mitt Romney Spells Out How To Get Trump Out Of The Race And Sets Date For It



Mitt Romney
Se. Mitt Romney (R-Utah). (Photo: Imgur)

In a recent op-ed published in The Wall Street Journal, Senator Mitt Romney from Utah discussed how Republican megadonors can effectively prevent Donald Trump from securing the 2024 Republican nomination.

Romney urged GOP donors to strategically withdraw funding from their favored candidates once their campaigns show signs of weakening, forcing them to abandon the race. His rationale was centered on the belief that Trump can be defeated if the race narrows to a two-person competition before he can solidify his nomination.

To achieve this, Romney suggested a specific timeline: donors should start pulling support “no later than, say, Feb. 26, the Monday following the contests in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.” The goal is to prevent the non-Trump vote from being diluted among a crowded field of competing candidates, thus increasing the chances of defeating Trump.

While recognizing the financial and other motivations that may drive candidates to stay in the race even when their prospects seem bleak, the Utah senator emphasized the importance of a nominee with exceptional character, guided by higher principles than personal revenge or ego, preferably from the younger generation.

Romney emphasized that it falls upon the candidate’s family, friends, and campaign donors to encourage any contender with little chance of winning to gracefully exit the race, especially after the designated date of February 26.

Romney’s position stems from his long-standing criticism of Trump and his desire to ensure the Republican Party nominates a candidate who exemplifies the values and vision required for effective leadership in the country.

“Our party and our country need a nominee with character, driven by something greater than revenge and ego, preferably from the next generation. Family, friends and campaign donors are the only people who can get a lost-cause candidate to exit the race. After Feb. 26, they should start doing just that,” he wrote.


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