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‘The Table is Set’: Former U.S. Attorney Identifies ‘Main Signal’ That New Trump Indictment Is Coming



Donald Trump and Jack Smith
Special Counsel Jack Smith is set to indict Donald Trump over his efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman has asserted that everything is in place for the indictment of Donald Trump in the investigation conducted by special counsel Jack Smith regarding the former president’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Litman highlighted a crucial indicator of this possibility during an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

According to Litman, the key signal is the focus on witnesses, which typically does not require a grand jury but has become customary. He mentioned that in this particular case, Trump’s lawyers will be given a final opportunity to present a plea, even though it is unlikely to succeed.

Litman also drew attention to Trump’s increasingly erratic and intense rhetoric regarding the investigation, exemplified by a recent video shared on his Truth Social platform, where Trump made strong statements.

“There’s one main signal,” Litman told MSNBC’s Joy Reid. “That is, everything they’re talking about in terms of witnesses they have to interview, they don’t need the grand jury for, but it is customary,” he explained. “And in this case, it will happen that Trump’s lawyers will be afforded a final chance to come in and make a last-minute plea, which will not succeed, but they have the opportunity.”

Litman interpreted the heightened level of concern and agitation displayed by Trump as a sign that he is aware of the seriousness of the situation. Consequently, Litman expressed his belief that all the elements are now in place for Smith to move forward with the indictment, as indicated by the target letter sent to Trump as part of the probe.

The “hysteria levels from Trump are hitting the stratosphere because this is one that he would know about,” Litman said. “So, to me, the table is set, Smith is ready to go and that’s what the target letter means, save only you guys coming in or not? And by the way, you can’t take two weeks, you know, come in off the pitch after that. Here’s the indictment,” he added.

Watch the segment below from MSNBC.

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