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Nikki Haley Begs Democrats To Give Trump A ‘Break’



Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) recently appeared on Fox News where she pleaded Democrats to give Donald Trump “a break” and stop his second impeachment.

“The actions of the president … post-Election Day were not great. What happened on January 6 was not great. Does he [Trump] deserve to be impeached? Absolutely not,” Haley told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham, stating she would “absolutely” vote against it.

“I don’t even think there’s a basis for impeachment. I mean the idea that they’re even bringing this up — they didn’t even have a hearing in the House,” Haley explained, blasting the Democrats over what many critics describe as a feigned call for unity.

“Now they’re going to turn around and bring about impeachment, yet they say they’re for unity. I mean they beat him up before he got into office. They’re beating him up after he leaves office. I mean at some point, I mean, give the man a break,” Haley continued, urging Democrats to “move on.”

“If you truly are about moving on, move on. The idea that they’re going to do an impeachment, that’s not going to bring our country together,” she added. “That’s only dividing our country”:

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