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New Trump Campaign Ad Uses Nursing Home To Troll Joe Biden As Thousands Of Americans In Care Facilities Are Dying



Donald Trump’s campaign released a series of Facebook ads this week targetting former Vice President Joe Biden.

The ads appear to attack Biden for being “too old” to run for president, despite only being 4 years older than Trump.

One of the ads shows Biden photoshopped in a nursing home getting fed by a nurse.

These ads aren’t the brightest idea. As The New York Times reports, one-third of the deaths related to COVID-19 have come from nursing homes.

“I was on a phone call last week, where four or five patients came into our hospital just in one day from nursing homes,” said infectious disease specialist Dr Sunil Parikh. “It’s just a staggering number day-to-day.”

One of the greatest problems with nursing home deaths from COVID-19 is that people are not tested after they die. So, in some cases, it’s unknown if seniors who have died from COVID-19 are even being counted along with the totals.

“What I would like to see is the ability to test the entire nursing homes,” Parikh said. “This symptomatic approach is just not cutting it. Many states, including Connecticut, are starting to move in that direction … but I hope it becomes a national effort.”

Trump has been losing support from seniors, as recent polls show. This is a group that voted heavily for Trump in 2016.

People responded to the ads:

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