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Trump Says Obama Deserves A ’50-Year-Sentence’ For The ‘Greatest Political Crime In U.S. History’: Watch



Donald Trump called “Obamagate” the “greatest political crime in the history of our country” while speaking to Fox Business this week.

Trump has been pushing the idea that former President Barack Obama spied on his campaign to hurt his presidency. He has called on a Senate committee to call Obama to testify and claimed that those involved in the “political crime” against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn deserve a 50-year sentence.

Trump spoke with Fox Business after information declassified by loyalist Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell revealed officials who “unmasked” fired national security advisor Mike Flynn.

“It was the greatest political crime in the history of our country,” Trump told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo. “If I were a Democrat instead of a Republican, I think everybody would have been in jail a long time ago, and I’m talking with 50-year sentences. It is a disgrace what’s happened.”

You can see the full interview below:

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