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Muslim Student Gets Brutalized At School As Teachers Watch And Do Nothing —Then a Black Girl Steps In



School Brawl

The video below, which has been posted on multiple platforms and has been viewed more than three million times, shows a fight between students at Chiefland Middle School in Florida earlier this year.

The incident took place in the school cafeteria. It started when a white student attacked a Muslim girl because of her religion, repeatedly punching her as the others students laugh.

Notably, the teachers in the cafeteria seemed to just stand by as the Muslim student was being brutalized, until a black student stepped in to defend her.

Levy County School Board Superintendent Christopher Cowart released a statement after the video went viral.

“We are disappointed by an incident which occurred two months ago at one of our campuses, which has recently received attention on social media platforms, this doesn’t accurately reflect the values of the School Board of Levy County,” Cowart said in the statement. “The district has thoroughly investigated and followed through with its policies to address the matter with all those involved. The School Board of Levy County takes any form of fighting, discrimination, intimidation, harassment, and bullying seriously, and they are not tolerated on any School District campus.”

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