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MSNBC Host Slams GOP For Being Full Of ‘Bums’ That Defend ‘Wife Beaters’ And ‘Accused Pedophiles’



MSNBC host Tiffany Cross slammed Donald Trump and Republicans on Saturday after the former president attacked NBA star LeBron James for speaking up about police brutality and racial injustice.

Cross, whose show “The Crossfire Connection” airs on weekend mornings, flatly said, “Who cares what Trump has to say.” James, she explained was expressing his feelings as a Black man in pain for his community. Trump’s pain is still election-related or related to being called impotent on Fox News ads.

“Speaking of bums,” Reid interjected. “Matt Gaetz is begging for money. He says he wants to run some ads to try to help himself. There is an interesting piece in ProPublica that talks about the fact all of these far-right figures like Matt Gaetz, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, et cetera, Josh Hawley. They all sort of go out and make it seem like every time there is a controversy, they are raising tons of money. But it’s not really clear that that’s happening. These organizations, that are gleaning money from sometimes small donations from, you know, Republican donors. A lot of the time, they are keeping most of the money. And the fundraising isn’t really real. It’s kind of smoke and mirrors. Do you think that we, in the media — you wrote a great book, ‘Say It Louder,’ Tiffany Cross, about the media. Do we need to maybe take a step back before touting everything crazy they do is major fundraising? Because sometimes, it’s really not true.”

Cross agreed, saying that as a reporter, she and others must peel away the headline and find the source and substance. But it was her comments about Gaetz and the Republican Party’s embrace of him and those like him that got her fired up.

“But also we have to remember he is the accused of sex trafficking a 17-year-old girl,” said Cross. “So when you are asking people to contribute to your defense for such a heinous crime, it makes you wonder what kind of weird, creepy white guy party is this where they defend accused pedophiles like Roy Moore, where they defend accused wife beaters like some of the speechwriters from the Trump administration, and racists like Marjorie Taylor Greene. It is a weird thing happening in the GOP. Honestly, it has been the only Republican Party I have known. I think it is just more public now.”

Take a look at her remarks below: