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Morning Joe Condemns Lindsey Graham’s Maniacal Defense Of Trump



Morning Joe slams Lindsey Graham

Reacting to Senator Lindsey Graham’s explosive outburst on ABC’s Sunday show when pressed about Donald Trump’s 37-count federal indictment, the panel on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” didn’t hold back in criticizing the South Carolina Republican for his barrage of falsehoods.

After airing a clip of Graham’s heated exchange and his disrespectful comments towards host George Stephanopoulos on “The Week,” “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough slammed Graham as “pathetic” and said, “Every single thing he said there is factually incorrect.”

Scarborough went on to express his dismay at Graham’s transformation, noting, “The person we saw there bears no resemblance to the man who used to traverse the Senate and the world alongside John McCain. Senator McCain must have turned in his grave at least thirty times. Before his passing, McCain confided in me about his deep sadness and disappointment in Lindsey Graham. He couldn’t fathom how Graham, once a trusted ally, had become infatuated with Donald Trump and was willing to compromise his integrity just to play golf with him.”

Addressing Graham directly, Scarborough asserted, “Lindsey Graham, you consistently deceive the American people. You claim to champion national security, yet you endorse Trump’s reckless behavior of mishandling classified information, leaving sensitive documents in places like his beach house, showers, and even public areas. This includes nuclear secrets, jeopardizing America’s security and endangering our alliances.”

In a lamentation about the deterioration of the Republican Party and Graham’s personal decline, Scarborough added, “It’s truly disheartening and pitiful to witness. I can’t help but wonder what he gains from all this.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski chimed in, emphasizing the significance of the indictment.

“Just take a look at the contents of this indictment. Graham’s reaction was not only absurd, but also foolish and nonsensical,” she said.

Watch the clip below.

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