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Morning Joe Dismantles Kevin McCarthy’s Trump Defense With Brilliant Supercut



Joe Scarborough slams Kevin McCarthy
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough. (screengrab)

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy recently defended Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the election, comparing them to Hillary Clinton’s questioning of her own loss. However, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough conducted a thorough fact-check to refute McCarthy’s claims.

McCarthy argued that the indictment against Trump was politically motivated, drawing parallels between Trump’s post-2020 election actions and Democrats’ past questioning of election results. To counter this, Scarborough presented a compelling supercut video on his show, “Morning Joe,” illustrating the stark differences between Trump and his predecessors.

Scarborough expressed disbelief at the idea that anyone would believe such comparisons. He pointed out that Hillary Clinton never challenged the 2016 election results and graciously conceded, expressing hope for a successful Trump presidency. Moreover, Scarborough emphasized that only twice in American history had there been a failure to ensure a peaceful transition of power – first in 1860 and then in 2020 with Donald Trump.

The show’s producers showcased a video montage featuring excerpts from concession speeches of various candidates, including Richard Nixon and Clinton, contrasted with Trump’s post-election remarks. The compilation included Trump’s false claim of victory on November 4, 2020, and his controversial speech on January 6, 2021, which preceded the U.S. Capitol riot.

Scarborough highlighted the stark contrast between the former candidates’ graceful and patriotic concession speeches and the darker chapter in American history that Trump’s actions represented. The supercut reinforced the extraordinary grace, decency, and love of country demonstrated by the other candidates.

“It’s shocking that there are people that are really stupid enough to believe any of that,” Scarborough said. “Here’s the thing, Hillary Clinton never, never, never challenged the results of the 2016 election. In fact, she gave the concession speech the next morning, saying she hoped – the next morning, the next morning – she hoped Trump would be a successful president for all Americans.”

“In fact, the failure to secure a peaceful transition of power has happened twice in American history,” he added. “The first in 1860, when the election of Abraham Lincoln freaked out Southern states, and they seceded and formed the Confederacy. The second in 2020 with Donald Trump. Only two times, Kevin, it happened. Take a look!”


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