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More GOP Groups To Follow In Lincoln Project’s Footsteps In Attempt To Sway Republican Voters To Biden: Report



According to a new report, more conservative groups will be looking to follow in the footsteps of The Lincoln Project, a group dedicated to taking Donald Trump down in November and getting Joe Biden elected.

According to NBC News, GOP strategists expect more anti-Trump Republican groups to emerge after the Republican National Convention.

“Nothing was going to get me to vote for Hillary Clinton,” said Matt Borges, the former chair of Ohio’s Republican Party who feuded with Trump in 2016 but voted for him anyway. “I grew up in this business learning to fight against everything the Clintons were for. I knew her, and in my mind, I knew what a Clinton presidency was going to be like.”

But according to Borges, who helped set up Right Side PAC to identify and reach persuadable Republican voters through mail, phone, and online, Biden is who Republicans should be voting for in November.

“A lot of folks are like me,” he said. “They understand that Joe Biden isn’t the same kind of candidate.”

Republican Voters Against Trump expects to have a $10 million budget to target college-educated Republicans in swing states and working-class women with online videos showing regretful Trump voters.

“If you were for Trump last time and you write in Ronald Reagan this time, that is plus one for Joe Biden,” said Tim Miller, a former spokesman for the Republican National Committee who co-founded the group with conservative commentator Bill Kristol.

You can read the full report HERE.

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